Successful property management begins with exceptional leasing services.

Plat Realty has an unparalleled wealth of experience in North Dallas rental property leasing. We locate qualified tenants and place them quickly into rental properties that match their needs. Not surprisingly, this process takes a tremendous amount of resources and know-how.

Best of all, you pay nothing until we lease your property!

Our leasing services begin with a property inspection and market analysis to help determine the appropriate lease rate for the property. Plat Realty is always on the forefront of rental trends and market conditions in order to ensure maximal rental income.

Leasing Services Provided

Advertising your property in the MLS,,, our company website,,, MSN, and many other sites for maximum exposure, all featuring full color pictures and/or a video tour of your property. All properties will receive a yard sign and secure key box to allow property showings through Centralized Showing Service (CSS).

Screening all prospective tenants by using the most advanced screening system available in the industry, including, a full credit check, employment verification, rental history, and income verification to make sure we are approving a good tenant upfront.

Lease Terms are negotiated through our office, with all terms requiring landlord approval, and without you being on the front line with the prospective tenant. Leave all of the negotiating to us.

Lease Agreements are all written and approved by the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR), and are strictly enforced by Plat Realty.

Leasing Staff available full-time to answer prospective tenant questions about the property, answer any landlord questions, process applications in a timely fashion, and coordinate lease negotiations between prospective tenant and landlord.

Maintenance Professionals comprised of experienced, honest, hardworking people to prepare your property for a new tenant. Many of our maintenance professionals we have had the pleasure of working with for more than a decade.

Leasing Fees are paid only after we have placed a tenant in your property. There are two different leasing fees that may be charged during the term of your tenant.

Initial Leasing Fee is paid when we initially place a tenant in the property. This fee is equal to 100% of the first month’s rent. Of that 100%, Plat Realty retains 60%, and the tenant’s agent receives 40%.

Lease Renewal Fee is paid when we extend or renew your tenants lease for another term. This fee varies based upon the length of the lease extension. For all leases extended for 12+ months, the fee is $225. For all leases extended for less than 12 months, the fee is $150. All lease renewal fees are paid only when the extended term starts.

Vacancy Fees are not applicable at Plat Realty. We will never charge our landlords when the property is vacant. Many companies charge a fee on vacant properties.

Savings on leasing fees, seen by many of our landlords, range between $350 and $500 per year for the same service!