How to Deal with Your Rental Property Maintenance Issues like a Professional Property Manager

Many people are curious about how maintenance is handled when renting out a property in Frisco. When a property is professionally managed, the process is a lot easier and stress-free for both the tenant and the owner.

Online Requests

At Plat Realty, the first thing we do is ask our tenants to go online and look for the electronic maintenance request form. This is a thorough and efficient way for tenants to notify us that repairs or maintenance are required on the property. They submit their name, property location, contact information and a brief description of the issue. The request goes straight to the office and our staff reviews it. Notifications are made and we find a vendor that is most appropriate for the job. Then, the vendor schedules with the tenant directly. This usually takes no more than two or three days. If it takes longer, our tenants know they are welcome to call us and let us know that there’s a delay. If that happens, we will reassign the work to a vendor with better availability.

After scheduling is done, the vendor completes the maintenance work. At that point, we contact both the tenant and the contractor to follow up and see how everything went. We make sure the tenants are satisfied with the work and that the problem has been resolved. We also want to make sure the contractor is satisfied and there were no obstacles to fixing the problem. We also make sure nothing else is needed at the home to keep it well maintained.

Emergencies obviously need immediate attention, and tenants know it’s okay to call us when something happens. They can call our office or use the emergency number we have for after hours calls. There is no inconvenience for the tenant or the owner.

Our process works well for all parties. Emailing a maintenance request is never a good idea because property managers have a lot of emails coming in and we’d never want a maintenance request to get lost in the traffic. Online maintenance requests keep everyone accountable and the process moving efficiently.

If you have any questions about maintenance, please contact us at Plat Realty, and we’d be happy to tell you more.